Single Day Entry

  • 1st dog: $12

  • 2nd dog: $10

  • 3rd dog: $6

Membership (dog only)

  • 1 dog unlimited entry :$65

  • 2 dog unlimited entry: $97.50

Membership with VOFF Bones

Voff bones enable you to prepay for your beer/wine/cider and receive a membership discount, plus a discount on all purchases.

1 dog plus 10 bones: $105

2 dogs plus 10 bones: $137.50

plus a 15% discount on all purchases

1 dogs plus 20 bones: $140

2 dogs plus 20 bones: $172.50

plus a 25% discount on all purchases

Punch Cards

If your schedule doesn't allow you to hang out predictably, you can still save money by getting a punch card. Punch cards don't expire and can be refilled when you use them up.

10 visits: $100

(saves you $20 over daily entry)

20 visits: $180

(saves you $60 over daily entry)


  • Can my dog sitter bring my dog with my membership?

  • Can my friend bring their dog with my membership?
    No, memberships are per household. However, if they come with you they can pay a 2nd dog entry fee ($2 off).


  • Can my dog sitter use my Voff bones?
    You will have to work that out with your sitter. Hopefully if you can trust a person with your dog you can trust them with your beer :-)

  • Is my discount good on additional beverages?
    Yes, it's good on everything we sell.

  • I like wine. Can I use my Voff bones on wine?
    Yes, you can use them on any beverage. We charge a bit more for wine, so it's an even better deal.


  • Can I use my Voff bones for growler fills? 
    Yes. Two bones for a 32 oz. growler and three bones for a 64 oz. growler. (Your first empty growler bottle is free)