Single Day Entry

  • 1st dog: $12

  • 2nd dog: $10

  • 3rd dog: $6

Monthly Membership (dog only)

  • 1 dog unlimited entry :$65

  • 2 dog unlimited entry: $97.50

Monthly Membership with Voff Bones (Prepaid Drinks)

Voff bones enable you to prepay for your beer/wine/cider and receive a membership discount, plus a discount on all purchases.

  • 1 dog plus 10 bones: $105
  • 2 dogs plus 10 bones: $137.50

plus a 15% discount on all purchases

  • 1 dogs plus 20 bones: $140
  • 2 dogs plus 20 bones: $172.50

plus a 25% discount on all purchases

All Memberships are Monthly recurring from the date of enrollment. 

Punch Cards

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to hang out predictably, you can still save money by getting a punch card. Punch cards don’t expire and can be refilled when you use them up.

10 visits: $100

(saves you $20 over daily entry)

20 visits: $180

(saves you $60 over daily entry)


  • Do Voff Bones (prepaid drinks) carry over to the next Month? No.

  • Can my dog sitter bring my dog with my membership? Yes.

  • Can my friend bring their dog with my membership?
    No, memberships are per household. However, if they come with you they can pay a 2nd dog entry fee ($2 off).


  • Can my dog sitter use my Voff bones?
    You will have to work that out with your sitter. Hopefully if you can trust a person with your dog you can trust them with your beer 🙂

  • Is my discount good on additional beverages?
    Yes, it’s good on everything we sell.

  • I like wine. Can I use my Voff bones on wine?
    Yes, you can use them on any beverage. We charge a bit more for wine, so it’s an even better deal.


  • Can I use my Voff bones for growler fills? 
    Yes. Two bones for a 32 oz. growler and three bones for a 64 oz. growler. (Your first empty growler bottle is free)

Dog Park


9731 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 713-2503

​ Monday - Friday 3 pm - 10 pm
Saturday 12 pm - 10 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm
*Entry into Voff closes 30 minutes before closing for non-members.
*Last Call 15 minutes before Closing