The following rules are in place for the safely of all patrons of Voff to help ensure that all can enjoy their time. All rules are strictly enforced and patrons compliance is absolutely necessary. 

1. Male dogs must be neutered. Female dogs in heat are also not permitted.

2. Requirements for entry being that the dog is at least 4 months of age and up to date with all current vaccinations.​

3. Voff is an age 21 and over establishment. Any visiting guests must meet the age requirement and be prepared to show legal ID for entry.

4. Aggressive dogs are prohibited for all visitors’ safety. If a dog is displaying aggressive behaviors toward other dogs/guests, a leash is required and the dog(s) must be under owner's control at all times. If aggression continues, Voff Bark & Brew reserves the right to request the dog(s) and owner leave the park.


5. Immediate attention of behavioral issues is pivotal (for both the dog’s sake and patrons’ sake). Should neglect of aggressive or disruptive behavior be observed, Voff staff reserves the right to request the dog(s) and owner vacate the park.

6. Patrons throwing toys for a dog must exercise attentive caution. Never throw toys in the direct line of others inattentive dog or other patrons; dogs that are playing with other dogs, resting, etc. If toy is thrown in the direction of others dogs, it is the responsible of the toy thrower to recall said dog to avoid an aggressive response from inattentive dog.

7. Excessive barking is prohibited. Voff is an establishment dedicated to fun/relaxation between dogs and humans, thus owners must attend to their dog(s) if barking. Barking can cause aggressive behaviors from other dogs and create anxiety. Furthermore, Voff Bark & Brew backs up to a residential area and we want to be respectful to them. If barking continues Voff Bark & Brew reserves the right to request the dog(s) and owner leave the park.

8. Calling or yelling for dogs is prohibited. Be respectful of other guests. Owners must always have their dog(s) in sight and go to them to recall.

9. Owners must be in the same area as their dog(s). If their dog is in the yard, the owner must be in the patio area or yard. If owner is inside, their dog must be inside. The only exceptions are when owner is getting a drink or quickly using the restroom.

10. The entire facility is off-leash friendly, inside and outside (the yard). Voff Bark & Brew reserves the right to require a dog be kept on a leash. For example: if a dog isn't staying by the owner's side and is interrupting others, then a leash may be required inside.

11. We ask that all dogs in the park must wear a collar displaying current tags with name and contact info. All leashes, choke chains, prong collars, head collars, GPS collars, shock collars and harnesses must be removed in the bar/yard area prior to entering the park.

12. If an owner is asked by a Voff employee to separate, leash, or remove their dog, the owner must do so quickly. Doing so instills safety for other patrons. Ignoring an employee's request may lead to removal from the park by Voff management.

​13. Resource Guarding is prohibited. Aggression towards other dogs that approach their toys, water or their owner needs an immediate response. For example, digging/overturning/cleaning toys in communal water bowls thereby eliminating a water source for other dogs is strictly prohibited. Dogs found doing so may be asked to leave.


14. For all dogs’ safety, all dogs must be in good health with no injuries or parasites.

15. 4 dogs maximum per person.

16. NO outside drinks permitted. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. Water is constantly available for all guests.

17. NO foster dogs allowed without written consent from the foster organization.

18. Voff requests that owners clean up after their dog(s). Cleaning tools and receptacles are provided by Voff for convenient and easy disposal.

19. All dogs in the park must be accompanied by owners or guardian. If the owner needs to leave the park for any reason, they are required to bring their dog with them on leash or ask a Voff employee for help. Dog entry fee allows entry for the entire day, thus guests are welcome to return later in the day at no additional cost should they wish.

20. Enjoy and have fun!


Bark & Brew


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Monday - Friday  3 pm - 10 pm

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