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Discover Porto’s Catering Menu: Perfect for Your Next Event

Porto’s Bakery offers a catering menu for events with a variety of options including appetizers, desserts, breakfast, and sandwiches. They are known for their Cuban-inspired items such as the cheese roll and chicken torta, but also have baked goods from other regions.

Porto’s now has several locations in California and offers nationwide shipping for some of their menu items. Catering is not currently offered through walk-in or online ordering, but their catering menu can be viewed on their website. Additionally, they offer delivery through third-party services like Postmates and DoorDash.

About Porto’s Bakery

Porto’s Bakery, founded in Cuban roots, offers a catering menu that includes grilled chicken, chicken torta, cheese roll, and sandwich platter. With six locations across California, their delicious baked goods and Cuban-inspired items are sure to make a sweet impact on any meal.

Porto’s Bakery is a bakery and cafe known for its delicious Cuban-inspired food and desserts. With six locations in Glendale, Burbank, Downey, Buena Park, West Covina, and Northridge, Porto’s Bakery has become a local favorite in California. Their menu includes a variety of baked goods, sandwiches, and desserts, all made with high-quality ingredients. But what sets Porto’s apart is their commitment to providing excellent customer service. From their friendly staff to their easy-to-use online ordering system, Porto’s Bakery is dedicated to making sure every customer has a great experience.

Cuban-inspired Food

If you’re a fan of Cuban cuisine, you’ll love Porto’s Bakery’s menu. From their classic Cuban sandwich to their chicken torta, they offer a variety of dishes that will transport your taste buds to Havana. Their bakery menu includes traditional sweets like tres leches and dulce de leche cakes, as well as more unique desserts like the Rosa Porto’s pineapple Cuban cake. Porto’s Bakery also offers catering services, so you can bring their delicious food to your next event or party.


Porto’s Bakery has six locations throughout California, making it easy to find a location that’s convenient for you. Whether you’re in Glendale, Burbank, Downey, Buena Park, West Covina, or Northridge, you can enjoy their delicious food and desserts. Porto’s Bakery is perfect for a quick lunch or coffee break, or for picking up some treats to take home. And if you can’t make it to one of their locations, Porto’s Bakery also offers shipping nationwide, so you can enjoy their famous pastries no matter where you are.
Discover Porto's Catering Menu: Perfect for Your Next Event

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Porto’s Catering Menu

Find delicious catering options at Porto’s Bakery in Austin, Texas. From chicken sandwiches to cheese rolls, the menu includes a variety of Cuban-inspired items and desserts to make your meal special. Order online or visit their restaurant for a sweet and savory treat.

Are you planning a party or an event and want to serve delicious Cuban-inspired food? Look no further than Porto’s Bakery and Cafe. The iconic bakery, with six locations in California, offers a delectable catering menu that will leave your guests craving more. From savory sandwiches to mouthwatering desserts, Porto’s has you covered.

Available Catering Items

Porto’s catering menu offers a wide range of delicious items to choose from. If you’re looking for something savory, be sure to try their chicken torta, grilled chicken sandwich, or sandwich platter, which includes a variety of their most popular sandwiches. For sides, they offer empanadas, croquettes, and their famous cheese rolls. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the selection of cakes, pastries, and desserts. Some of the highlights include their famous tres leches cake, dulce de leche besitos, and guava and cheese strudels. Porto’s catering also offers breakfast items, boxed lunches, and breakfast pastries. And if you have any special dietary needs, they offer gluten-free and vegan options as well.

Ordering Process

Ordering from Porto’s catering menu is as easy as visiting their website and selecting the items you want. You can order online or give them a call, and they’ll make sure everything is ready for you to pick up at the requested time and location. When placing your order, be sure to let them know the number of guests you’re expecting to accommodate, any dietary restrictions, and the date and time you’ll need the food. And don’t forget to order ahead of time since some items require more time for preparation. In conclusion, Porto’s catering menu is the perfect solution for any event or party where you want to offer delicious food that your guests will remember. With a broad range of items and impressive quality, you can be sure that you’ll delight the taste buds of everyone in attendance.


Looking for catering options in the Austin area? Check out Porto’s Bakery for their Cuban-inspired menu featuring items like grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken torta, cheese rolls, and more. With six locations in the area, Porto’s can cater your next event with delicious food that is sure to impress your guests.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your Porto’s catering order, simply call the location where you placed your order and let them know. Please note that cancellation fees may apply depending on how far in advance you cancel.

Refrigeration Of Porto’s Bakery Items

It is recommended to refrigerate Porto’s bakery items such as their cheesecakes, cakes, and pastries to maintain their freshness. However, some items can be left at room temperature, such as their famous potato balls and croquettes. Make sure to follow the storage instructions carefully to ensure that the baked goods stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

At Porto’s, you’ll find a variety of Cuban-inspired items on their catering menu, such as their delicious chicken torta and sandwich platter. They also offer catering appetizers, desserts, breakfasts, sandwiches, and much more. You can visit their website to view all of the catering menu options.

Porto’s has gradually grown into six current locations in Glendale, Burbank, Downey, Buena Park, West Covina, and Northridge, with a seventh location in the Downtown Disney┬« District on the way. For more information about Porto’s and their story, you can visit their website and read about their history and philosophy.

Discover Porto's Catering Menu: Perfect for Your Next Event

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Discover Porto's Catering Menu: Perfect for Your Next Event

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Porto’s Catering Menu offers an exceptional variety of appetizers, desserts, sandwiches, and breakfast items for every event and taste. From Cuban-inspired items to baked goods from different regions, Porto’s caters to all. With their catering services now available, their website provides an array of catering ideas and menus for customers to choose from.

Order catering from Porto’s today and enjoy the scrumptious food and professional services they solely offer.

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