Stone Creek Coffee Hours: Fuel Your Day with Our Fresh Brews

Stone Creek Coffee’s first Cafe & Kitchen located in Austin, Texas is open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. The café offers coffee, tea, pastries, muffins, and light bites to its customers.

If you happen to be in Austin, Texas, and looking for a place to grab a coffee or light bite, Stone Creek Coffee’s first Cafe & Kitchen might just be the place for you. The café’s Project EAT Kitchen serves delicious pastries, muffins, and light bites that pair perfectly with their signature coffee and tea drinks.

Stone Creek Coffee’s first Cafe & Kitchen is conveniently located in Austin, Texas, and is open daily from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Stone Creek Coffee Hours: Fuel Your Day with Our Fresh Brews


About Stone Creek Coffee

Stone Creek Coffee operates from 6AM to 7PM every day at their cafe called Downer Cafe & Kitchen in Austin, Texas. They offer coffee drinks, tea, pastries and light bites for customers to enjoy throughout the day.

About Stone Creek Coffee | Stone Creek Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas


Stone Creek Coffee has become a staple in the coffee industry, known for its exceptional coffee blends and dedication to supporting sustainable coffee farming practices. Stone Creek Coffee’s founder, Eric Resch, started his journey in 1993, with a vision of bringing specialty coffee to the people of Milwaukee. Today, Stone Creek Coffee has different locations in multiple states in the United States, and its excellent reputation as a top-notch coffee roaster exceeds it. One of the locations where you can enjoy Stone Creek Coffee is in Austin, Texas, where it offers different specialty coffee blends and has specific coffee hours.


Stone Creek Coffee’s journey began in 1993 when Eric Resch decided to start his own business roasting coffee in small batches in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Eric Resch’s passion for coffee led him to choose an environmentally and socially sustainable approach to coffee farming. In 1999, Stone Creek Coffee opened its first cafe and retail store in Milwaukee, which expanded to other locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas. Stone Creek Coffee continues to thrive and is a recognized brand in the craft coffee industry.

Specialty Coffees

Stone Creek Coffee prides itself on its specialty coffee blends and uses sustainably sourced, high-quality coffee beans. The coffee blends offered at Stone Creek Coffee vary from light roasts to dark roasts, catering to the different preferences of coffee enthusiasts. Some of the specialty coffee blends that you can enjoy at Stone Creek Coffee in Austin, Texas, include the Costa Rica Finca La Rosa, Ethiopia Hambela, and the Signature House Blend. Stone Creek Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas vary depending on the day, but it generally follows a schedule of opening at 6 am and closing at 7 pm.

If you are looking for the perfect cup of coffee in Austin, Texas, Stone Creek Coffee is an excellent option. Not only does it offer some of the best specialty coffee blends, but it also supports sustainable farming practices. Make sure to visit Stone Creek Coffee during its working hours to get the full experience of its exceptional coffee blends and ambience.

Stone Creek Coffee Hours: Fuel Your Day with Our Fresh Brews


Stone Creek Coffee Hours

Stone Creek Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas offers daily service from 6 AM to 7 PM, serving a variety of coffee, pastries and light bites. The store tends to be busier in the morning, but stays relatively consistent throughout the day.


Stone Creek Coffee is a popular local cafe chain that has several locations in Austin, Texas, United States. If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee, then Stone Creek Coffee is definitely the place to go. You can find your nearest Stone Creek Coffee location by visiting their website or using their mobile app.

Business Hours

The business hours of Stone Creek Coffee vary by location. Most of the cafes open at 6 AM and close at 7 PM, but some locations may have different opening and closing hours. It’s always a good idea to check the specific hours of operation for your desired location before visiting to ensure that you don’t miss out on your caffeine fix!


Stone Creek Coffee offers a wide variety of menu options, including hot and iced coffee drinks, tea, and light bites like pastries and muffins. The menu also features seasonal drinks and rotating blends, ensuring that there is always something new to try. Moreover, Stone Creek Coffee is committed to sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee, so you can expect nothing but the best from your cup of joe. So if you’re in the Austin area and in need of a coffee break, be sure to visit one of Stone Creek Coffee’s locations. With cozy ambiance and delicious coffee, it’s the perfect place to unwind and recharge.

Customers’ Review

Stone Creek Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas has received positive customer reviews stating that the coffee shop is usually not too busy during the early morning hours but can get a little busy during peak hours in the late morning or early afternoon.

Overall, customers highly recommend Stone Creek Coffee for its delicious coffee drinks and light bites.

Feedbacks On Service

As a customer-centric coffee shop, Stone Creek Coffee is always looking for ways to improve the service offered to customers. Hence, the customers’ review section is an integral part of their business development plan. Most customers testify to the excellent customer service provided by Stone Creek Coffee staff. They appreciate the friendly and polite attitude of the staff, which adds to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the coffee shop.

Satisfaction With Products

Apart from the service, customers’ satisfaction with the quality of the products offered is essential. Stone Creek Coffee is renowned for roasting coffee on-site and brewing excellent coffee flavors. The taste, aroma, and quality of their coffee are exceptional, leaving customers raving about the experience. In addition, the shop offers a variety of pastries, teapots, and other light bites that always come in handy for a delightful treat. Overall, customers enjoy the high-quality products and make a return visit.

Favorite Cafe & Restaurant Alternatives

Customers have different coffee preferences, and sometimes they crave variety. Therefore, Stone Creek Coffee customers praise the stone creek coffee alternative cafe and restaurant options. Some of the popular, alternative coffee shops that come highly recommended include Valentine Coffee, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., and Colectivo Coffee. The alternative café and restaurant options that customers appreciate include Blue’s Egg, Cafe Corazon, and Cafe Grace. These establishments offer different menus and environments, which cater to the taste and preferences of different customers.
Stone Creek Coffee Hours: Fuel Your Day with Our Fresh Brews



Stone Creek Coffee offers a great place to enjoy delicious coffee and food in Austin, Texas. With their Project EAT Kitchen, you can try out their creative and unique dishes, while enjoying your caffeine fix. The café is popular among both locals and visitors who appreciate the quality and friendly atmosphere.

With extended hours and a convenient location, you don’t have to worry about missing your coffee break. Make sure to stop by Stone Creek Coffee and enjoy a memorable experience!

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