Yard House Brunch Hours

Yard House Brunch Hours: Discover the Best Time to Visit

Yard House in Austin, Texas serves brunch from 11 AM to 2 PM on weekends. This popular high-end sports bar chain offers New American cuisine and an extensive selection of beers on tap.

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy brunch in Austin, Yard House is definitely worth considering. This popular restaurant chain offers a wide range of New American dishes, as well as an extensive selection of draft beers and other beverages.

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, you’re sure to find something delicious on the brunch menu. Yard House serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM, making it the perfect spot for a late breakfast or an early lunch. The restaurant is conveniently located in the Domain NORTHSIDE, and parking is readily available. While reservations are not accepted, the wait time is usually not too long. So why not grab some friends and head to Yard House for a delicious brunch experience?

Yard House Brunch Hours: Discover the Best Time to Visit

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Yard House Brunch Hours: Discover the Best Time to Visit

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Overall, the Yard House Brunch Hours in Austin, Texas offer a great experience for those looking for a high-end sports-bar ambiance, a huge menu selection, and an extensive list of draft beers. While they do not accept reservations, the wait times are usually short or non-existent during certain hours.

Whether you’re stopping by during a weekday or weekend, Yard House is a great spot to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a few cocktails with your friends or family. Visit Yard House during their brunch hours and indulge in some of their happy hour food options.

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